Game Night

Game Night | Surprisingly Great!
Week 10

Game Night is the first outright comedy that I am reviewing for the #52Films project. When I looked at the movies available for week #10 I was sort of bummed.  This is the first week where there was honestly nothing I wanted to see. I went into this film with really low expectations simply because “dumb” comedies usually bore me and leave me wanting to walk out. Here is why I not only stayed to the end but left stoked on what I had just watched.

The movie follows a group as their game night is crashed by a couple of thugs who have kidnapped the host! Is this just part of a greater murder mystery game or is this real life? What I just explained is all shown in the trailer and though it had me laughing I didn’t think it would have the capability to fill a feature-length runtime. The only promise this movie had for me was the fact Jason Bateman is hilarious. What I found, to my surprise, was a movie full of chemistry, whit, family struggles, and most surprisingly a handful of clever twists.

I was fully entertained from start to finish. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams onscreen chemistry allowed them to riff off each other and build off each other’s actions. Every reaction left my sides hurting and ultimately sad when it was all over. This movie was not only continuously funny it was also clever. There were a couple moments where my lack of expectations left me a little lost. I wasn’t prepared for this comedy to have story twists and at some points deep moments where characters struggled with self-doubt and family drama. I’m not going to lie and say this movie impacted me on a personal level, but the fact there was some content with substance sprinkled in between hilariously stupid dialogue or jokes based on different character’s pain was really refreshing.

I highly recommend Game Night for anyone looking for some comedic relief. It is the best comedy I have seen in years and I can’t believe it is going to go unnoticed by so many.

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