Thoroughbreds | Enjoyable, But Not Great
Week 11

Thoroughbreds is a film that ran into some release issues when one if it’s stars, Anton Yelchin, died in a car accident prior to the film making it’s way to theaters. This tragedy pushed back its release and seemingly left it without a marketing budget. The only way I knew it had been released was by looking at movie times and seeing it on the list. With that aside Thoroughbreds left me in quite a panic when preparing to write this, so let’s get into it!

Thoroughbreds is filmed beautifully, acted extremely well, and contains dialogue that is quirky yet dark. I would even go as far as saying that this film entertained me from start to finish, but while walking out to my car I wasn’t sure if I had enjoyed what I watched.

It’s based on two girls from an upper-class family. One is a diagnosed psychopath and the other is struggling with family issues and is incapable of being empathetic to others. What I would only assume is supposed to be a metaphorical illustration of all the different emotions and inner struggles everyone deals with, I didn’t pick up on it at all from the film. It seemed like the writers wrote a couple of characters that would have proper banter and allow a story to be exceedingly dark while remaining humorous at times.  I am also worried that the idea of being a psychopath is being overused and not dealt with the care other more common mental disorders are given. Within the past year I have seen a handful of shows and movies that contained a character labeled as a psychopath and in most, it’s not dark or debilitating but is used as a comedic hook.

If I am judging the movie simply on if it was enjoyable I would give it an extremely high rating, but if I am looking at this film on its ability to communicate a message to me I would have a hard time recommending it. Thoroughbreds did so many things right, I just don’t understand if it was anything more than a fun movie. It was presented as an artistic film with deep undertones, but when I looked for them I was left empty-handed.

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