Helping invision a brand.

The Goal

Noble Folk was brought in for a one-day intensive session in which we rapidly prototyped logos, packaging, and brand vision for a new line of products Berkshire was releasing. Berkshire is a hosiery company in New Jersey. The day was meant to kickstart future exploration and work that will be produced in-house. The following concepts were created with their in-house designer after studying their competitors, their target demographic, and their brand goals.

The Work

We started the day by creating many logo concepts that are meant to attract a younger female audience who live in a fast-paced world and appreciate convenient products.
The concept we ultimately decided to pursue for the rest of the day was this lowercase - script b, paired with a clean sans serif wordmark. We believe it embodies feminine traits, a quality product, and is simplistically attractive.
After landing on a logo concept we began laying out multiple packages that explored many visually distinct directions. A simple lockup was created for "Summer Ultra Sheer" that complimented the forms found in the logo. With the lockup, we then began playing with shapes, colors, and image placement to push the forms this project could take.
Out of all of the package concepts developed we chose this design for its versatility and qualities that make it stand out from the many options found in a retail environment. We wanted to utilize different colors and product shots to show how it can grow in the future. We also left the bottom right empty so that more product copy could be used to show product benefits and features.

The Result

We believe, with the client's feedback, that our day was beneficial in kick-starting this concept and for bringing new ideas to the table. When we left we provided the in-house designer with all of the assets created so that they can continue the project with their intimate industry knowledge and personal experience with their customer base.

After their in-house team had some meetings with management they did choose to move forward with the packaging we chose, but are running with the logo concept that has their name within the thin circle. The benefit of having Noble Folk come in and work with your in-house team is that after we re-energize your designers they get loads of ideas and can use them as a building off point to best affect your business's future.

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