A Mission-Driven Passion Project

The Goal

Dead Flesh CØ, formerly known as WolvesVsLions, was started as a passion project by Will Truran. It predates Noble Folk by some years and has seen many phases of growth since it was started. A few years ago it pivoted to a mission focused brand that has since used all of its profits to impact local non profits focused on their local communities. Through it, we have been able to donate thousands of dollars to groups like New City Kids and Solid Foundation. You can learn more by visiting DeadFlesh.co.

The Work

Being an online-only business means having a website that is engaging and easy to navigate is very important. We developed a carousel in which you can hover over the items and get a preview of its cost and link to the store. We also created a video for this website and integrated our social feeds.
Shirt design is obviously our main focus and why consumers visit our website. Our strict black and white aesthetic compliments the imagery and type we use to spread our message.
Controlling this brand internally allows us to experiment with cool products like beard oil. We have also done odd things like dog collars, jewelry, and even handmade pendants.
If there is one thing folks expect from clothing brands, it's stickers! One thing they might not have expected is the hand-signed postcard that was used for the last year before the rebrand.

The Result

Though personal projects like this aren't normally financially beneficial it has allowed us to impact some really cool people helping our local community. It has also allowed us to create work important to ourselves and spread a personal message through our designs. Lastly, it has taught us the importance of customer service!

Here is one of the many reviews we've received in our shop. "You guys do so much good for the world in which we live, Keep on keeping on you dogooders! Thanks and adios."

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