Communicating To A New Audience

The Goal

We are often asked to help the Emergence Church, in Totowa New Jersey, with different branding and installation projects. As a church, they hold themselves to a high visual standard and a standard that stands apart from many other local churches. This is to aid them in reaching a younger demographic and to help bring down some of the stigmas people have to traditional church settings.

The Work

Many of the projects we work on involve branding for their sermon series. These are most often based on books in the Bible or specific men and women throughout the text.
We are encouraged to experiment and push past what is considered a typical Church graphic.
Occasionally we create graphics meant for installations. The example above was used as a projected background for a music video, but other works often require hand-painted murals that are created on site.
We have even worked on icons to be used in different collateral. This was a series of icons created for the weeks before Easter.

The Result

Emergence is an easy partner to collaborate with. Their dedication to their mission and their understanding of the value of consistent aesthetics make them a joy to work with.

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