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The Goal

When Bravado came to us and requested designs for Harley-Davidson's upcoming catalogs and for their stores across the country we were very excited! It has been a client that every time their email comes across our desk we are allowed to let the creative juices flow. Mixing our style with their established aesthetic we have now created over a dozen graphic tees.

The Work

Below you will see just a small portion of the official merch we have worked on, with more to come as it is released. In addition to the final designs, we have also chosen to share some work from the chopping block.

The Chopping Block

With every final design, there is a pile of exploration left in it's wake. Here is a behind the scenes look at some of the ideas we tossed around before getting to the final design.

The Result

With every project we do with Bravado and Harley-Davidson I believe we not only push our aesthetic, but stretch what is considered a "Harley" look! We bring our background to their audience and we believe it is a perfect fit.

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