Mixing Art & Business

The Goal

Independent Arts & Media is a nonprofit that aids independent artists when raising finances for a project. IAM needed a new logo that would represent not only the work they do but also their clientele. We volunteered many hours to help this wonderful organization. Not only did we create a handful of logo concepts, but we worked through examples of application and how it would impact their branding. Sadly after weeks of working with them, we had some creative differences and they pursued a different direction, which another designer finished for them.

The Work

With any branding project, we first go through a concept stage. In this stage we can show a variety of marks we believe solve the problems our partners have brought up. IAM had voiced concerns about needing a mark that would size down to the square format of social media profiles and wanted a logo that mixed the freedom of art with the structure of a business.

We believed that both the above marks fit their needs and would have breathed new life into their branding. The colors were provided from IAM, to match a sister company of the organization. We also started playing with shadows to create some depth and movement to the mark.

We ultimately decided to go with this ribbon concept. It was designed to embody the movements and materials found in so many art forms. Though colorful and active the mark is also respectable and professional. In addition to the full gradient version, we also supplied a flat color and single color variant. These could be used in any medium and serve many purposes.
The last step was to create a visual to show what we hoped they would ultimately do with the mark we were providing. A logo doesn't live on a white background but will be used in a variety of ways. These were just a couple uses that we thought they could pursue.

The Result

As a partner, we will always advise our clients to go in the direction we think fits their needs best. Though we could not ultimately complete the project with them we believe our work proves how far we will go to try and illustrate the strengths of what we do.

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