Good Design Requires A Good Community

The Goal

Will Truran took a leadership role in The United Design Guild, formerly known as the Art Director's Club of NJ, in late 2016. One of their first major moves after that transition of leadership was to revisit the mission of the organization and its name. This move required a complete overhaul of both their logo and collateral. Element 6 took the responsibilities of the logo design and we led the charge of the website redesign and much of the marketing efforts.

The Work

One of the branding directions the guild took was to utilize duotone styled images. It allows us to use less than perfect imagery and make it graphical enough to still work. It spans our printed and digital marketing.

The ADCNJ website didn't focus on events or community, which forced us into redoing the website and shedding the old club completely.

We believe content and message should dictate the structure of a website. For the UDG, community building and monthly events are the most important information they have. In reaction to that, the website was structured to show their offerings in both a most recent section and a category section below it.
Being a 100% volunteer organization it is important to be able to create quick social content that is also quality enough to attract designers. Our color coated event types lend themselves well to creating content late at night or during a lunch break.

The Result

The rebrand has been widely accepted as a success. The guild's events are growing and their offerings ever changing to what the community needs. Learn more by visiting

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