Here are some of the projects we’ve done.


Independent Art & Media


Independent Arts & Media is a nonprofit that aids artists when they need to raise finances for a project. IAM needed a new logo that would represent not only the work they do, but also their clientele. Here is one of the many solutions we worked through with them.


Dead Flesh CØ

Branding, Merch Design, Print Design, Marketing, Social Content

Dead Flesh CØ is an internal clothing brand of Noble Folk Design Group. We donate all of our profits, earned within this brand, to non profits aiding their local communities. Within this project’s website we have integrated social media, taken advantage of video media, developed a fully responsive site, created programs to highlight supporters, and integrated a third party e-commerce platform.


Sussex County Community College

Web Design, Development & Content Strategy

We've' had the pleasure of working with Sussex County Community College. When we were contacted the SCCC web site was unstable and continually crashing. We were requested to quickly develop a site that students would be able to access if the full site was down. With this project we were able to quickly help consult on required content and features, while recommending needed tech. Then we developed a static site to aid in the spring semester.


Merch Design

Merch Design

Merch design is where this studio started and it remains one of our favorite creative outlets. We love to design t-shirts and other products for bands, clothing brands, and other outlets.


Emergence NJ Church

Branding & Print Design

Emergence is a a young church in North New Jersey. We have had the opportunity to do branding and installation work for many of their series. Their aesthetic focuses on not feeling 'churchy'.


Deli Fresh Threads

Merch Design & Print Design

Deli Fresh Threads is a refreshingly original clothing brand out of Orlando, Florida. All of their products are based around delicious sandwiches and the people who eat them.



Branding & Motion Graphics

E-Gaming is an industry seeing huge growth and we've had the opportunity to work on a few small projects in that realm. Our work has included branding for streamers and competive teams.



Branding & Illustration

We get alot of small projects that may not deserve their own page, but are special in their own way. Here is an assortment of different projects we really enjoyed working on.