Who We Are

2018 was a great year for us. We started Noble Folk Design Group in a home studio in Sussex County, New Jersey late 2017 and for us to grow throughout our first full year has been quite the gift. We have worked with clients ranging from local agencies, clothing brands, women’s wear, and even Harley-Davidson. In addition to client work we spent time creating internal projects that we can hopefully share more details about in the near future.

Our 3 Tenets


We know our partners trust us with some major decisions for them and trust us to lead them down the best paths. That is something we take very seriously. We don’t just see our partners as another project, but understand the importance of each decision we will make together.


As a studio we believe that we shouldn’t use our talents and gifts for business alone, but believe we should also give back. That is why we give our time to help benefit non profits we believe are impacting their communities for the better.


The last tenet we hold to is growth. We want to see growth in our business, in our goals, and in who we are as people. We never want to get caught up in and focus only on our work, but on who we are as people too.