2018 was a great year for us. We worked with so many new people. We had fun making solutions for unique problems the brands we worked with were facing. It was also our first, full year as a studio! If you have read our past posts you may know that I, Will Truran, started Noble Folk after abruptly losing my job as a UX designer for a small agency. As you can imagine I went through all of the phases of thought that come with being laid off (get a new job, change career, go back to school, or maybe… maybe just start my own studio.) The fact I am writing this means I went with the last option, but that decision quickly thrust me into trying to find clients, getting a website up, and all of the other work that goes into trying to operate and start a new company.

At the end of 2018 I spent time reflecting on what has been created and what I wanted it to be. A brand/studio is much more than what it can create. A brand has a personality and a voice and I had never planned what that would be for Noble Folk. With wanting to establish a voice for 2019 I created Noble Folk’s tenets. I spent time writing out what I deemed important and was left with Leadership, Offering, and Growth.


Leadership We know our partners trust us with some major decisions for them and trust us to lead them down the best paths. That is something we take seriously. We don’t just see our partners as another project, but understand the importance of each decision we will make together.

Offering As a studio we believe that we shouldn’t use our talents and gifts for business alone, but believe we should also give back. That is why we give at least 10% of our work week to help benefit a local non profit that we believe are impacting their communities for the better.

Growth The last tenet we hold to is growth. We want to see growth in our business, in our goals, and in who we are as people. We never want to get caught up in and focus only on our work, but on growing personally as well.

With these 3 focus points I began drawing an icon that would capture all 3.



I believe the crown illustrates the concept of Leadership well. Offering was represented with an altar. Finally, the vines wrapping around everything represents the growth we want to see in all parts of our lives.

After locking in the mark I moved onto the typeface which is a modified Garamond Italic. I went with a serif typeface and chose to create a stencil wordmark to illustrate both my love for traditional typefaces and what got me into design in the first place, the DIY scene. I believe the negative spaces created by it being a stencil mimic the line style found in the mark, while also giving it a concrete baseline.



I hope you liked the small behind the scene look into our new branding and love the new direction of our studio as we look forward to 2019 and the years to follow! Here are a few extra branding elements we have begun to play with.