The Freelance Side

So this past week was a lot of fun. A friend of mine gave me a project for his day job and it happens to be one of my biggest clients to date and for sure one of the most interesting. I don’t know what I can really share… so Hopefully I can share examples of the work I produced this past week, next week.

I am still waiting on a bunch of potential work to get signed and start, but it’s been fairly quiet on new work coming in.

Because of that I am continually thinking of ways I can make products to eventually supplement my income with non client based revenue. This week I am vectorizing a turn of the century Sign Painting reference book I picked up from a garage sale. The image below has the photo I took of a loose page as well as the vectorized and cleaned up version I made. I created them by tracing each letter with the pen tool. This allowed me to reuse elements of letters to create a more consistent and clean version of the original copy.




The next step will be to utilize Fontself and see if I can create a usable typeface out of it and then create some graphics featuring these beautiful letters.

Personal Work

As far as personal work this week… I grabbed a Rode VideoMic so I can test out making a vlog. I doubt I will get anything I am happy with for next week, but hopefully I’ll have some lame bloopers or something. I have also been working a lot getting stuff together for United Design Guild.

  • We had our first Live stream which can be watched Here.
  • We are having a Rebrand Pizza Party and have been promoting that a ton.
  • Lastly we have our Design Derby in a few weeks, so that has taken a bunch of time.

But ya thats pretty much it. The header image is from Blade Runner, because I rewatched it last night and am stoked for this weekend!

As always if you’re reading this and need help with a web or branding project please reach out!

If you just want to talk about your journey feel free to email me or hit me up on social! Twitter |Instagram | Dribbble