To keep on going with the trend of the last few blog posts I want to talk about another method of rest and something I think is needed to be a decent designer.

Throughout college and the first years of my career I thought it all came down to accomplishing that 10,000 hours. I started a clothing brand to have a project to continually work on, I always hung out with the art kids, joined design clubs, and took my vacation time going to design conferences. I don’t regret any of that and plan on continuing all of it, but there is another side of life I think designers often neglect. That is the “Not Design” stuff.

I went to a concert this past week, which is something I used to do all the time. It was great to wake up the next day with ringing ears and know I didn’t just sit in front of my monitor the night before. I love hiking, spending time outside, and relaxing at night on my Nintendo Switch. All of this would have at one time led to me feeling guilty. Guilt over the fact I wasn’t actively spending all of my time getting better at design. I now think these things do make you a better designer. These life moments and interests can inspire you differently then scrolling through your favorite Instagram designers. They can also help you not dread spending another late night working on that client project. Life is about balance and the more time I spend doing this designthing the more I realize a big part of it is designing your life to bring the most enjoyment and most variety you can.

I encourage everyone to find things outside of their field and to not feel ashamed when you enjoy them. It’s not time wasted, but time spent in a way that will stretch you in unexpected ways.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a word of advice I heard in college. Something I wish I had taken more seriously. It went something like: A great designer isn’t the one who can best use Illustrator, but the one who is the best at experiencing life. Design isn’t about how well you can make something, but how well you can understand your audience.

If you care about who I saw last week check out ComradesListener, and Levi The Poet. The show was amazing, the venue was terrible…

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