This past week I was given the chance to get in a car with a few buds and go snowboarding. It wasn’t any great western mountain, but it was snow! I used to snowboard every chance I could when I was younger and it is something I sadly had not done for at least 3 years, prior to last week. This time on the mountain really made me focus on how little I do things simply because I enjoy doing them.

While riding my body began to ache, because I’m old now and out of shape. All the while my legs were shaking… all I could think about is how much I missed it. The freedom, the adrenaline, the enjoyment of doing something you love. After I recouped all I wanted to do was go out again. It got me thinking about how little room I make for time spent on things that won’t benefit my career at all. How little I spend on doing things purely because I enjoy them.

I wrote two weeks about how I had been trying to make time to rock climb. This is another activity I do, simply because I enjoy it. Living in this fast passed and highly competitive world I want to encourage you to take a day or maybe just a night and do something you once loved. Use muscles that you have allowed to get weak. Utilize parts of your brain you don’t need in most instances. Go do something because you love it!

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