The Freelance Side

So there isn’t much to update on the freelance side. One of the projects in my pipeline came through and started yesterday. I will be following up on a few of the others tomorrow, but not much has changed (for good or bad).

Yesterday I attended a workshop, that I put together for the United Design Guild about finding more clients. It was pretty educational. One thing that became abundantly clear is that I focus on selling my craft and don’t focus on how my craft can benefit my clients. It gave me a lot to think about, especially with how I frame my case studies. I also really need to figure out how to get my work in front of potential clients rather than relying on them to come to me. I’m still not sure what this looks like for me, but it’s something I’m really trying to focus my efforts on.

Here is a little follow up question I filmed with the presenter Evan Horowitz and Mike Sulick from UDG Live



In an effort to get my company out there more I ordered a Rode VideoMic to try my hand at vlogging. I’m not a super strong writer (as you can tell) and I enjoy video editing and production more than writing, so why not! hopefully in a couple weeks I can roll the first episode out.


Personal Work

So rather than showing some small projects I’ve been working on for fun I want to talk about something I’ve been thinking about this week. That is finding Purpose while freelancing and balancing the pursuit of purpose and pursuit of money.

I think while I was at my last job I superficially thought my purpose was to be a designer. While with my ex it was being a boyfriend and though I don’t think either are unhealthy, I don’t think they are important enough to be the purpose you center yourself around. Having both titles stripped away I can look into what might be a healthier outlook and try to blend it into my career.

One thing I’ve hated from my past jobs was that I was always helping sell something I wouldn’t want sold to me or worse I was communicating ideas that stood against my beliefs. What I have enjoyed most about some of my past work was when I was aiding non profits and when I was helping people start a business with their first website. Those were much more fulfilling than working on projects I loathed. I’m not sure what that looks like, but I think it’s a start at where I can blend my beliefs, my skills, and my studio. For a Christian purpose comes from Christ and our goal is to spread the gospel. The Bible also talks about serving others and using our blessing to bless others. I don’t think that means “after work”.

So I have an idea of the sort of clients I want to focus on trying to get and I know I need to sell the benefits of my craft and not the craft alone. Now I need to figure out what that looks like in application and how I can make that profitable.

As always if you’re reading this and need help with a web or branding project please reach out!

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