I spent the past few days fairly ill and spent a good chunk of that time sleeping or laying in bed watching too much Netflix. As a follow up to my last post I figured talking about rest would be appropriate.

I am slowly reading through the Bible and was reading in Exodus about the ten commandments. Most of them seem obvious and fairly inarguable. As a Christian I find myself willfully breaking one all the time though. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God.

I feel like designers, those freelancing especially, don’t recognize the need for a day off. We see our craft as something we enjoy and see ourselves lucky for the chance to do it. Worse even we find pride in working 7 days a week, often 12+ hours a day. It’s a cultural issue and a trap I find myself in time after time. This work load can be a mental strain and can be physically exhausting. We need to stop wearing our weekly work time as a badge and find more permanent things to stand with.

I think prolonged exhaustion can also lead to burn out. Which is why I think it an appropriate follow up to last week’s writing. Maybe my body was forcing me to rest.

So I’m keeping this week nice and short. Make time for your Sabbath. Today I did find some energy to continue work on a ongoing project of mine. I even streamed on Twitch and went live on Instagram for a bit. Not quite vlogging, but it’s sort of a start.

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