I haven’t written anything for the past couple of weeks simply due to the fact I had nothing to say. I hate the idea that I am just adding to the noise of the internet, especially if I only have an aimless message.

In 2 days I am meeting with a capstone class at a local college to discuss what it was like to graduate and what my experiences have looked like since. While preparing I quickly realized the chances I’ve gained were often due to 2 factors.

  1. The people I’ve known. From the multiple part time design jobs while at college to the full time positions after graduating and even my largest clients now that I am doing Noble Folk full time have been because of the people in my life. This could be discouraging for folks feeling like they don’t know anyone, but I can assure you I was in the same spot and am still in the same spot. Past coworkers, friends of the family, and people from my church are to thank for the majority of my design experiences. Other’s are friends I have made through my clothing brand or different conferences like WMC and Creative South.
  2. Personal projects and free work. Now this is one I am sure you have all heard, but recently I have seen this come to the surface multiple times. My most recent client saw my work for Emergence, after a friend brought up my name. The work resonated with their project and immediately gave us many points of discussion and comparison. Even my work from Harley-Davidson is thanks to a friend I made through Dead Flesh CØ and the indie t-shirt scene.

I wish there was a 3rd point of how I got my work (because odd numbers and prime numbers are the best numbers), but sadly social media has never really helped me and very rarely do people reach out purely because they like what I have created. It’s hard to see the career benefits of building random relationships and toiling away into the night over something no one really cares about, but for me those are the things that made the biggest difference. Sometimes it was years later, but the proof is there.

I encourage you to attend local or DIY styled conferences, plug into design clubs, continuously create, and even more than all of that just be a decent human-being!

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