So this week past week, week 7 of the freelance journey, was interesting (the word chosen when others would seem to negative). I got my first fairly decent sized job come in. We sent contracts back and forth for a few days and when we were just a handful of hours into it (myself and 2 developers) the client killed it. Luckily I have contingencies for this and they do owe me a decent chunk of the project’s fee, but “the check is in the mail” and I’ve been burned to many times to hold my breath on these situations. (These folks do seem decent and we are in talks about future projects, so I guess I am holding my breath) I also have a couple of other projects I’m waiting to hear about… lots of waiting.

On brighter notes!

I was a guest on podcast called It’s Eggs you can listen here (ep 15).

Been making good progress on this big personal project I’m leading and can show y’all in a couple weeks.

I also have been playing with custom brushes and type effects to make things feel a little more hand done and vintage. Just using some time to play with stuff I have never experimented with before.



On Personal Notes…

I’m not normally one to dive into my personal life with folks, but I feel like thats important when doing something like going full time freelance. You get so focused on trying to pay your bills that other things might seem less important than they should be. This week I stopped seeing my girlfriend… which means in less than two months I lost my job of 4 years and relationship of 5+ years. I saw both coming for some time, but that doesn’t make it feel any less like when I should be moving forward in my life, I’m falling backwards.

I’m a Christian (if you didn’t know that) and at church we are covering Jonah. While at church this past Sunday it really hit home with how out of control we all are. That is something easy to forget when in a long term relationship or at a job for a handful of years. You get so comfortable, but when jumping client to client and not having a client lined up for the coming week, it’s impossible to not feel out of control.

With all of that my life looks so different then earlier this year, but I have an odd peace. I know I don’t need to be in control and never was. For me trying to live life dedicated to Christ is more important… even if at times I’m not living that way or it doesn’t seem that way. I have goals both spiritual and personal that I need to strive for

So todays post was maybe a bit more a of a bummer than usual, but some weeks are going to be and I think if you are reading this and are attempting to go full time freelance than you too will experience bad weeks. Just keep looking for the good weeks and putting one foot in front of the other.

As always if you’re reading this and need some help with a web or branding project please reach out!