The Freelance Side

This past week was still mostly devoted to learning during my free time, but I did have a few small wins. I got that check that I’ve been talking about. The client upheld their side of the deal and are even talking new work. Not sure when that could come in, but it’s nice to possibly have it on the horizon.

One of my big tasks this past week was to roll out the rebrand for United Design Guild. I was responsible for making the website and for organizing all the other streams of content going out over the past week.



I’ve been continuing my pipeline experiment to see if it can help. It already proved a bit useful in reminding me to reach out to a couple of projects that I hadn’t heard back from and illustrates the kind of work I am beginning to attract. It’s also growing slowly week to week and I really want to work at keeping that upward trend.



One thing I am trying to learn is how to get my name and work in front of people that could have projects for me. Right now everything on this list is purely from word of mouth. I’m not upset about that, especially in these first months, but I know it has a ceiling. It’s also a subject I know very little about, which is slightly nerve wrecking.

Personal Work

I played around with a few projects, just for fun or for friends. One was an extremely quick stylized study and the other was the beginning of a branding project for a friend’s twitch stream. I don’t think either are “finished”, but I don’t plan on returning to the Jesus Saves sign. I still have a lot I want to do on the twitch stream project.




I’m still teaching myself to screen print, which has been really fun. I will be exposing my second screen today and trying to run some ink through it. I also tried my hand at golfing for the second time… It was embarrassing, but fun.
You can watch a video of that here: LINK

The last thing I want to talk about is Goal Setting. My church puts on an event for the volunteers (which includes me). It’s called Lead Well, here is a blog post from last year’s Event. One of the major themes of the event was setting goals and creating strategies to achieve them. It was interesting to sit and think about personal, professional, and spiritual goals. I focus so hard on the professional side and this made me sit down and think what is really important in my life. One of the strategies I began implementing last week was taken from the Honest Designers Podcast. I believe it was Dustin who talked about keeping track of streaks to encourage you to continue tasks. Right now I’m tracking my daily Bible Reading, Posting on Social, and Exercising (that currently has 0 streaks…) I’m excited about this method of building momentum and can’t wait to see what it looks like over time.

As always if you’re reading this and need help with a web or branding project please reach out!

If you just want to talk about your journey feel free to email me or hit me up on social! Twitter |Instagram | Dribbble