So I spoke a lot about burnout a month or so ago. I think writing through that and working through that has helped a lot. So now I’m trying to figure out what to do with this new found motivation. What I think I need to do, more than anything, is be consistent.

Consistency is hard for me. I tend to start strong and get bored quick. I also put an unnecessary amount of weight on the things I am doing. Like if I fail or people miss-understand the intent, what will I do? Well I guess I will just keep going. Most recently this has been best seen in the new series I am now calling #BrutalistTruth where I am illustrating super hard topics in a very raw and unrefined way. It’s helped me work through some ideas and emotions about topics I don’t think are being spoken about much or maybe even just not being spoken about in the right way.

The issue is… I do not want this to be a forward facing part of my “brand”. It’s dark, it’s grungy, and it’s not focusing on branding or web design like I have been recently trying to do with Noble Folk Design. So what can I do? Here is what I am going to be trying so that I can keep creating consistently.

  1. I started the hashtag to more easily keep track of the work and I can now post it under my personal instagram account and not through Noble Folk.
  2. I’ve started streaming more often on twitch. I haven’t created a solid schedule yet, but that is something I am hoping to work out in the next week or two. You should follow me there and come talk to me. Right now random folks jump in and see me looking far to intently on my work and then bounce off. Come lighten the mood for me 😀

We’ll see how this goes. Right now it’s been fun, but not fruitful. I’m hoping like anything worth doing I just need to give it time.

Here’s a fun little project I am working on for my church. It’s the branding for the youth group’s Winter Retreat. I think we are moving forward with the minimalist middle concept and are now working on how to apply it.



Also photo cred for the header image goes to @Lizslye

As always if you’re reading this and need help with a web or branding project please reach out!

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