This marks a full month of being unemployed. I’m definitely questioning how successful I will be at this, but haven’t given up hope yet. I’m not an openly sales focused guy, but need to be. So that is something I’m trying to focus on getting better at.

Here is what I focused on this week:

  • I met with a local company that may be able to provide some frequent freelance work. That was super encouraging and I hope that “pigeon” returns with some good news soon.
  • I made new business cards, but that may have been the week prior



  • I Continued to work on the language on my site, which is almost done and I have one more technical bug to fix.
  • I‘m still using sites like upwork, not much luck so far on that front.
  • I’m working on a branding project for a local business and here is a reject concept, that I really liked, from that. (but also totally admit it wouldn’t work well for the project)
  • and I relaxed a bit to enjoy an awesome music fest call Imatter Sunday with some friends.


So that was pretty much the fourth week of trying to build a design business for myself.

As always if you’re reading this and need some help with a web or branding project please reach out!