This isn’t really a new year | new me post, but it kind of is. It’s also not going to be a list of great goals… they don’t even have success metrics. I’ve been thinking about what I need to do this year and then I read Paige’s (whose square header image format I stole… sorry) post about her goals and was like, dang I should probably write about the goals I’ve been thinking about. So here we go! Some goals I’ve been thinking about in regards to my freelance studio and career as a whole.

2017 was a weird year for me, reading so many of these type of new year posts it seems as it was weird for many of us. Being unemployed | self-employed has really shown some weaknesses I need to work on. So this is what I’ve come up with.

  1. Keep creating personal work and focus more on illustration. When I started spending my days struggling to find work and figuring out how to try and run a business (I still don’t know how) I stopped working on my personal projects. By the time night rolled around I was burnt out and that’s when I normally did my personal work. Because of that Dead Flesh CØ has gone silent and even the weird one off stuff I used to do has gone to the side (or maybe off the side into a pit). So I have started one project to work on this goal.

    The #BrutalistTruth project. It is partially tied into DFC and is a project where I have been pushing a particular style I am trying to grow, while illustrating various news articles.

  2. Practice writing. I find myself writing emails and web content way more than I used to… which made me realize how terrible I am at writing. Obviously, this weekly blog is a form of practice, but I have also started another personal project to help with my writing, while also including my first goal of practicing illustration.

    52Films is a personal project where I am going to a movie every week, thanks to getting a moviepass. I am then illustrating a poster, in a similar style to the #BrutalistTruth project, and then writing a review of the movie. This critical thought and then presentation of those thoughts should be a healthy way of taking something I love (film) and using it to get better at something I don’t enjoy so much (writing).

  3. Explore continuing my education more seriously. Getting my masters degree has been something I have on and off again looked into. Now that I’m not tied to a 9–5 and could potentially continue working with freelance clients, earning my capstone degree makes sense. Today I applied to SCAD and am partially applied to RIT. I’m missing the deadline for a few other’s I was looking into, but these are my top 2 anyway. If I don’t end up going this fall I can apply to the others next year.

So those are the 3 goals. There are other things, like eat healthier… or work out.. I have bouncing around my head, but these are the goals I have started to help with reaching some sort of success. I would love to hear what you are working on and if you have any advice for what I’m doing here.

As always if you’re reading this and need help with a web or branding project please reach out!

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