This week I sent out a contract that once signed will begin a project that will cover most of next month’s bills. It’s still about half the target amount I want to make per month, but it’s the bit of growth I’ve needed to see. I’m also in talks with a small studio here in NJ that might bring me on for a handful of hours each month to pitch in when they need extra hands. The money, for both, is the obvious benefit we can all keep metrics on, but it’s not the only benefit.

Something I’ve realized since going full-time freelance is that I only thought I knew what I was getting into, but there are a few things I didn’t expect. One was this emotional need of being needed. When working a 9–5 you often feel like just another cog in a machine and the repetitive ins and outs of each day can get to you. What you may not realize is while being that cog you can feel like the machine won’t function without your work. That feeling feeds a need to be needed.

So often you hear conversations about income, but what I find almost more rewarding from a finished project is the fact that I was needed and was able to fulfill that need. I find this even with projects/jobs I don’t get paid for. One of the biggest roles in my life right now is being president of the United Design Guild. Last night we hosted a Rebrand Party and it felt really good to see people appreciate the effort and work I have been pouring into this organization. There has been 0 financial benefit to the hundreds of hours I have spent this year, but it feeds that emotional need.

Here is one of the worst videos I’ve ever put together, but shows some of how we celebrated last night. You can see photos here taken by Bill Truran.


I hope reading this you can understand that feeling like you need to be needed is a normal emotional state. I also hope you realize money can’t be the only driving force. Doing freelance full time is just to much work for not enough money.

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