February I was pretty swamped with work, which was awesome. March on the other hand has been slow… There are a couple of promising projects in the pipeline that I hope I can at least begin before April, but it has left me a lot of free time. Free time often brings in self doubt and frustrations, which I described in one of January’s posts | The Rollercoaster.

With that in mind I have been proactively trying to utilize my time to prepare my company and better myself. Here are a few things I have been doing. If you are going through a slow time or need a change of pace maybe something on this short list will inspire you to be proactive in your situation.

  1. Establishing a schedule. Last week I shared what I am doing to schedule out my social posts (which has been really helping!). In addition to that I have been scheduling in some exercise (weekly rock climbing and a few really simple weight exercises throughout the week). I have also scheduled in time to volunteer at my church and time to hit goals with the Design Guild. This structure has allowed me to have small things to look forward to and keeps me from feeling stagnate.
  2. Reorganize and cleaning. I spent the better portion of yesterday rearranging my desk, monitors, books, etc. It’s not a new work space, but at least it feels new and gave me a reason to vacuum, throw out a ton of stuff and clean the dust off some other stuff. It was a project I was able to start early and see instant results.
  3. Started some personal projects. With my clothing brand taking a back seat to building this design business I have decided I should still be doing small projects to keep me creating. I hope that in creating this work I can show potential clients that they can trust me with their projects. These include my 52 Films project and most recently a series for a road trip I am taking in a few weeks.
Road Trip Crests

So those are the three big things I have been trying out in March: Scheduling, Cleaning, and Creating. In addition there are business related things I am pursuing that I am hoping once implemented will help build business over the next year.

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