So today is 2 weeks unemployed and pursuing a full time freelance design career. Everything is pretty much what I expected so far, in the sense finding work is really hard and I’m always looking for ways to feel less isolated. I’m also learning about the importance of being consistent. Things like this blog, my social networks, and even trying to get out in person are all things I have been fairly unreliable on in the past, but am making a priority now.

So here is some stuff I did last week, expect less Netflix than last week!

  • As president of the ADCNJ one of my responsibilities is to organize events and create a local community of designers. This past week we held our 2nd workshop “You As A Brand”. We had one of our best turn outs and everyone left learning a lot about what needs to happen before you start working on the logo when branding yourself or a client.
  • I drove out to Jersey City and hung out at Fresh Tomato Studio for their dribbble meetup on Friday. I met some really cool people, many of which are trying to do the freelance life. These little events are really nice and help make you feel connected to the industry and can teach you a lot.
  • Outside of attempting to get better at networking and being friendly in social settings I had a little project for a new furniture startup called Warwick Thrones. It was a fun WordPress site that we got up in under two days.
  • I’ve also started working on a personal project that has been fun and is stretching me as a designer, but isn’t ready to be shown in my opinion.

That’s pretty much it for this past week. My to-do list for this coming week includes fixing some bugs on the new site, working on the written content of the site (which is my biggest weakness), and continue looking for leads.

I will end this post with a cool IG account I was shown earlier this week. I wish I could remember who shared this, because it’s full of beauty.

As always if you need help with a branding or web project please visit my website and reach out!

P.S. Did you think there was no Netflix! I watched Glow (and really enjoyed it), first 4 seasons of House of Cards and outside of Netflix I went and saw Dunkirk… it was great. Might go see it again!