So 3 weeks now of unemployment and working towards a full time freelance career. I find myself waiting a lot. Not necessarily procrastinating, but the way I live my life now allows me to grind all day. This causes a lot of moments of waiting. I’m shooting emails out, apply for gigs on various sites and talking with friends with potential work every single day and each of those actions creates moments of wait. The uncertainty of what the reply will be, if you get one at all, is unsettling and something I don’t think I fully expected. I knew finding work would be hard, but the moments of second guessing decisions while you wait to see if it will work out is something I haven’t encountered.

Looking past the awkward silence that has accompanied my first few weeks I do have a few promising meetings and potential projects that will hopefully begin in the next couple of weeks. As I wait I still want to be productive so I released my second Creative Market product, my Camera Icon Pack. It was a fun set to make. I started it quite a while ago for a logo project I did for Bill Truran.



I’m now playing with some other product ideas, both digital and physical and intended for designers and non designers. Keeping busy and creating modes that can potentially bring profit down the road seems to be helping with the waiting.

In addition to products I am working with a copy writer to revamp the copy on my website and am still trying to lock down the last couple bugs on the site.

That was pretty much last week. Still hopeful for this new journey!

As always if you’re reading this and need some help with a web or branding project please reach out!

P.S. went to the state fair. Here is a pic of a cute cow!