I get asked what podcasts I’m listening to a lot. Maybe it’s due to the fact I listen to them when I work/drive (which is the majority of every day) or perhaps because any interesting tidbit I have is from something I’ve listened to.

So I’m going to use this post to list everything I enjoy! I will try and categorize it to make it a bit easier to digest. This list is fairly long, but feel free to comment below with any questions or podcasts you think I should be checking out!

Design Podcasts

99 Percent Invisible is one of the best produced podcasts out there. They take topics I didn’t know I cared about and it leaves me totally enthralled every week. There are friends where the first question I ask is “Did you listen to this week’s 99PI?

The Honest Designers Showtakes 4 of the best human beings and gives them a platform to discuss personal struggles and industry secrets. Their weekly advice has been a huge help to me as I started Noble Folk.

Master of 1 Podcast discusses things they care about. Toys, games, art, design, and film. In addition to their wonderful banter they interview some of the best industry leaders in each category. They release 2 shows a week, so get ready to work through a huge back log!

Creative Pep Talk is the project of Andy J PIZZA! It is a constant injection of encouragement and inspiration. Unlike many other podcasts in this list it focuses more on the mental side of design rather than the visual skill side. Andy rocks.

The Perspective Collective offers up a mix of in depth interviews and short solo episodes with Scotty dipping into the struggles of our industry. His willingness to be 100% authentic is a refreshing entry into the podcast world.

Eggs is the smallest podcast on this list. It’s run by my designer friend Ryan and his friend Michael who is a DJ. Even though I don’t listen to every episode, the design focused ones have been great. Also… I was a guest, so check that out HERE

Design Recharge is a weekly show that can be watched as well as listened. Diane brings southern charm and a conversation that feels like friends around a table.
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Creative South is one of my favorite weekends of the year and this podcast led by Jason Frostholm brings you a taste of the event on the regular! I first knew of this podcast from seeing Jason run around with his remote recording setup! It was awesome.


Local Wave is based out of Nashville and features local talent. I don’t know why I love it, but it’s probably due to their tagline “Be a Fan of your Friends”, Alex MacWilliam’s amazing interview style, and the fact they had Jordan of Advent on! Listen to that one HERE

Labeled is the perfect podcast for anyone who enjoys Tooth and Nail artists like Zao, August Burns Red, and As Cities Burn. The only downside are the terrible ads… which I just skip.

Christian Stuff

To Be The Church is one of my favorite weekly listens. They tackle topics personal to their local church and take on listener questions. Their humor and ability to convey deep truths in short episodes makes this a really important show.

Emergence Podcast. This podcast shares the sermons from my home church, but there is a reason I go to this church and think you will enjoy each week’s sermon too. They also have a small leadership series HERE

Random Stuff

The Nine Club may be my favorite on the list. It’s production value is shockingly good (video and audio). It’s also hilarious and educational. Skaters talking skating has been a huge addition to my weekly life. (twice a week!)

Reply All is a random show about things on the internet. I first listened to it because they talked about social media possibly using your mic to advertise to you, but have continued to listen because it’s so much fun!

Ear Hustle is a podcast made within a California prison. It’s taught me a lot about prison life, which sounds less interesting than it really is. I shared it with a friend recently and he listened to the first season in a couple of days. Season 2 is coming soon!