The Freelance Side

So last week was fairly slow. I’m still chasing that check from the project that got killed, but had a phone call that was promising in both the incoming check and new possible work. I signed a new contract for some apparel work that could be for one of the largest clients I’ve had the pleasure of working on. Lastly I started communications with a local business in need of a new website (and branding even if they don’t fully know it).

At my last job they always talked about the pipeline. The pipeline is the potential work you have coming in and/or are pursuing. You track it as it either comes in or dies off. I’m starting to work on just a basic spread sheet that can track money that should be coming in and my obligations in regards to the sales side of running your own studio. The first few columns are obvious. The last 2 are to help me make sure I reach out consistently and track how likely the project is to come in. So you can see the first row is the one I have recently signed contracts over. I’m still waiting on the details, but expect that to come in within the next week. The 2nd is a website I have just started discussing with a potential client, but seems like we can make it work. The last is a project that has been discussed, but I feel much less confident I will land. At least not in the near future. I think adding columns for things like when I think the project could start and when I think the money could come in might be things I want to add, but for now this is a start.



Personal Work

I’m still experimenting with new styles, trying to work with a textured aesthetic. One of the projects I’m working on is a short booklet that will hopefully be used for a Dead Flesh CØ project. You can see an experiment I posted on my Dribbble below.



I’ve also been learning to make books at my church this past week. They got a bunch of tools for us to learn and one of my favorites is this cutter with digital read out and laser guide.



Last thing I started to learn this week is screen printing. I degreased my screen and attempted to apply the emulsion this morning. Will see tomorrow how that went…

As I remember last week and how out of control I am of my life I can also sit here and know that God doesn’t abandon.

As always if you’re reading this and need some help with a web or branding project please reach out!

If you just want to talk about your journey feel free to email me or hit me up on social! Twitter |Instagram | Dribbble