he Freelance Side

So this week has been, for the most part, a continuation of last week and also makes for 3 months self employed. That one project I couldn’t show last week, I still can’t. It did however go from 2 shirt designs to 3, which is pretty cool and should be wrapping up today. I was feeling eh’ about a couple of the designs, but looking at all 3 side by side I’m pretty stoked on what I made and can’t wait to share them all.

As far as new work I have a shirt I need to do this week for my buddy over at Deli Fresh Threads. It’s a super fun concept and should have that next week to show. I was helping him with some print collateral last week when he mentioned a shirt concept that I jumped on! Here is some assorted collateral we made last week.



I’ve continued the type recreation project. I have the Half Classic Roman near completion. I’m still learning a lot about kerning, but I think it’s getting there. Here is a little promo image I’m working on for it.




Also here is a preview of the 2nd set I’m working on. Western Roman.



Personal Work

I didn’t do a whole lot of personal work.

I made a video showing some of the book creation I had been doing at my Church. Check out the Instagram video here. I also went to a Redbulls’ game (where I took the header photo) and saw the new Blade Runner (which I loved).

The United Design Guild is still taking a bunch of my time. We had a board meeting and the passion to create a stronger design community was really great. What is being planned for 2018 should get everyone excited. Check out our website for info on a bunch of stuff we are doing. http://uniteddesignguild.com/

But I think that’s it for week 12.

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